Add factory wheels to your Husqvarna Enduro or Motocross bike

Built to enhance performance and deliver a true factory look, Husqvarna are now offering their Factory Wheels, available as part of the comprehensive range of Technical Accessories.

Available to fit all full-size motocross, enduro, and cross-country machines, the Factory Wheels are lightweight, durable, and provide enhanced stability and better overall handling, even in the most challenging of offroad conditions.

Manufactured to be lighter and stronger than the standard components, the Factory Wheels feature hubs that are machined from one piece of aluminium, for exceptional strength. The hubs are available in two colour options (blue and black) for a customised appearance. Assembled with high-quality spokes that feature anodised aluminium spoke nipples, which are laced to D.I.D Dirt Star rims, the Factory Wheels guarantee improved aesthetics and incredible durability.

Available as either 18” or 19” rear wheels to ensure uncompromised performance from each machine, the Factory Wheels are easy to install and offer a higher level of reliability and better handling when fitted to all TC and FC, TE and FE, and TX and FX models.

Getting you hands on Husqvarna Factory Wheels

As with all factory grade Husqvarna components, these wheels are in hot demand. If you're serious about getting yourself a pair of these high performance wheels, please contact out Husky team directly on +44 (0) 1684 297979 or use our online contact form.