Reworked suspension headlines upgrades for Husqvarna’s 2022 enduro range

In early May, Husqvarna announced the release of the 7 new enduro models for MY 2022. To the delight of many loyal Husqvarna riders, aAt the top of the list of upgrades was reworked suspension across the range.


Back in January, Husqvarna Motorcycles announced the availability of the 2021 701 Enduro and 701 Supermoto


Husqvarna have opened the door to a new breed of adventurous urban motorcyclist, by introducing the Svartpilen 125.


2021 Lockdown Updates

Happy New Year to all our customers! We're all back in lockdown, but we're still working hard to get the best Husqvarna bikes, parts and gear to folks all over the UK. See below for updates on all our different departments and services.


Our workshop is fully open for servicing and repairs...

Zach Osborne brings home the 2020 AMA 450MX Championship

Zach Osborne wins the 2020 AMA 450MX Championship. Image courtesy of Husqvarna (2020)

Aboard his FC 450 Rockstar Edition, Osborne has been unstoppable this season. In spite of the many trials and tribulations of the year, Osborne has persevered with laser-sharp focus and dedication throughout the season.

Get £1000 off 2020 Husqvarna Enduro models

The Husqvarna MY 2021 Enduro models have begun arriving in our showroom and that means we need to free up some space for them. To tempt you in we’re offering a cool £1000 off all of our new 2020 Husqvarna Enduro models. 

HUSKY 2021 Motocross Range unveiled

2020 hasn’t been brimming with good news, but last month we received a nice little boost from Husqvarna HQ when they unveiled their highly anticipated 2021 Motocross range. 

Updated information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) from AMS Motorcycles Limited

UPDATED 3 November 2020 - With the Government’s latest advice regarding COVID-19 and the incoming lockdown. Here's how things stand currently. 

HOT BIKES : Husqvarna 701 Supermoto 2020

For years, the 701 supermoto from Husky has been at the forefront of supermoto design and late last year at EICMA the brilliant Swedish brand dropped the MY 2020 edition on us.

2020 Vitpilen 701: new features revealed

Say hello to the all new aqua blue and white Vitpilen 701.